Staff – Prep School

RGS Prep Senior Management Team

Prep School Staff

Mrs A Alvarado First Aid Lead/Receptionist (Prep)
Mr S Beever Form Teacher 6B, Head of Maths, Head of House – York (Prep)
Mrs J Bingham Pre-Prep French Teacher, Learning Support Assistant
Mrs E Chalmers Instrumental Music Co-ordinator
Mrs S Champanhet Scrace Head of Learning Support
Miss H Codd KS2 Teacher
Ms J Darch DT Teacher (part-time)
Mr Z Dias General Assistant
Mr S Divers Director of Sport, Head of House – Tudor (Prep)
Mr N Dwyer  Form Teacher 6N, PE Teacher, Head of House – Lancaster (Prep)
Mrs K Dyason Form Teacher 6D, Head of Science
Mrs C Edmonds Pre-Prep Office Receptionist (Tuesday-Friday)
Ms C Everard Nursery Teacher (maternity cover, job share)
Mrs I Fenton Form Teacher 5F, School Magazine Editor, Head of MAG&T, Head of RE, Head of Latin
Mrs S Ford Director of Music
Mr E Fox Form Teacher 4F
Mrs C Geary Head’s PA
Mr A Hague Sports Apprentice
Ms T Hatton Form Teacher 4T
Miss J Hay Form Teacher 4H
Mrs R Hemley Form Teacher 3H
Mrs J Hills Form Teacher 2H
Mrs S Holliday Nursery Teacher (job share)
Mrs D Hood Form Teacher 1H
Miss S Hough Form Teacher 3S
Mrs A Hussain Break & Lunchtime Supervisor (Prep)
Mrs P Hutchings School Secretary (Prep)
Mrs T Irving Teaching Assistant (Shell S)
Mr S Jones Form Teacher 4J, Head of Geography, Head of History
Mrs A Kelly Nursery Assistant (Pre-Prep)
Mrs A Key Nursery Teacher (job share, maternity leave)
Mrs K Kinder Admissions Manager
Mrs H Kirkpatrick Teaching Assistant (1S Mon, Tues, Wed)
Mrs S Lanson de Breuille KS2 French Teacher, Head of KS2 Drama
Ms V Lucas-Haynes Head of Art
Mr L Lynch Form Teacher 5L, Head of DT, Head of House – Windsor (Prep)
Mrs D MacConnol Learning Support Assistant, Part-time Pre-Prep Secretary (Mon)
Miss L MacDonald Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Millar Learning Support Tutor
Mr C Mills Assistant Teacher, Head of House – York (Pre-Prep)
Mrs P Peters School Office Manager & Music Secretary
Mrs G Reukers Form Teacher 3R
Mr J Roberts Site Manager
Mrs N Sadler Teaching Assistant (Shell P)
Mr C Saville Form Teacher 5S, Head of Academic PE
Mrs J Scott ICT Technician
Mr J Scott ICT Technician
Mr C Stirling Sports Apprentice
Mrs N Sundar Teaching Assistant (1H)
Mrs S Sweetland Form Teacher Shell S, Head of House – Windsor (Pre-Prep)
Mrs L Throssell Teaching Assistant (2H)
Mrs T Traylen Form Teacher 5T
Mrs L Vroobel Form Teacher 6V, Head of English
Mrs G White Teaching Assistant (2C)
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