Is there any advantage to sitting the ISEB Common Pre-Test at the RGS?

No. Wherever your son sits the test, the data will be processed independently by the ISEB and then shared (with all those independent senior schools using these tests to which your son is applying). It makes absolutely no difference where he sits the test and there will be absolutely no distinction made as we analyse the results. All boys will, however, come to the RGS for the interview and composition/English creative writing task.

Who can sit the test at the RGS? What if my Prep School refuses to allow my son to sit the test at his school?

For Primary School candidates, the online test is traditionally sat in one of the candidate’s intended senior schools who are running these tests. The closest option geographically was strongly recommended during Covid restrictions. For Prep School candidates, the online tests are sat in their own Prep School. If for whatever reason this is not possible, then your son is welcome to sit these at the RGS.

Our son is at a Primary School so he is likely to do the test at RGS. What device will the test be conducted on so we can help him to prepare?

We will have both desktops and ultra-books with a mouse attached to each one, so the setup is comparable for all candidates.

The ISEB calls the assessments the Common Pre-Tests. Are there follow-up tests after the Common Pre-Tests with the ISEB?

No, the Common Pre-Tests are usually taken in Year 6 and then any offer made by the RGS in unconditional, irrespective of whether it is 11+ or 13+ entry.

Will my son be able to apply for 13+ if he does not get an offer at 11+?

Unfortunately, not. All the boys sitting the Pre-Tests have confirmed whether they are looking for a place at 11+ or 13+; therefore, all the available 13+ places will be offered alongside the 11+ places in February.

Would you recommend tutoring to support my son’s application?

Absolutely not. The assessments are designed to test potential and follow closely what your son has been learning in Year 5. It is often felt that tutoring simply adds to the pressure. Speak to your son’s current headteacher and if he recommends that the RGS is a good fit for your son then that is the best. Through our interview and second interview process we are giving every boy every chance to show their true ability so have confidence in your son and have confidence in the system.

How has COVID impacted upon your planning for the next cycle of Entrance Exams?

We fully appreciate that the repercussions of remote and disrupted learning are still being felt by students across the country. As such, we will take this disruption into account when we analyse the results. In addition, with the experience of the last twelve months, we have robust contingency plans in place in the event of any government restrictions being in place. We will keep all those parents who have registered with us informed of any changes.

How many applicants usually sit the 11+ Entrance Examinations? How many successful candidates come from State Primary School?

We traditionally have over 400 boys from over 130 different schools who sit the Entrance Examination to secure one of the 150 places available in the whole year group. Around 120 boys join us in the First Form and around another 30 two years later in the Third Form. We have no quota as we treat each boy individually on their merit. This year around 40% of our First Form joined us from State Primary with the remaining balance coming from both Prep and Independent Schools.

Does the RGS have a preference on 11+ versus 13+ entry?

We are delighted to have applications for both entry points. The RGS has historically always had entry at both 11+ and 13+ and is committed to a significant 13+ entry all the time demand remains. Although there are more places available for Year 7 entry, we have more candidates applying for these and therefore there is no difference in terms of ratio of applications to places. Analysis of students as they leave the School proves that irrespective of the entry point boys are equally successful and, as importantly, have immersed themselves equally in the broader life of the School while making life-long friends.

Does the RGS have a catchment area?

We do not have a designated catchment area for prospective students; boys travel into the RGS from throughout Surrey and also from the borders of Berkshire, Hampshire and Sussex. The vast majority of our students take public transport and we also encourage our boys to throw themselves into the extra-curricular life of the RGS, some of which takes place after school. As such, we recommend that a travel time of approximately 30 minutes is sensible to allow boys to have a good home-school balance.