Assistance with Fees

A bursary (assistance with fees) to attend the RGS and RGS Prep can offer a life-changing experience, providing students with the knowledge, the values and the skills to flourish at school and beyond.  With our exceptional pastoral care and mentoring schemes, and our culture of mutual support and respect, we are proud of our commitment to provide a secure and nurturing environment for boys from all walks of life.  Our vision is to realise the talent of future generations by providing an excellent education to boys of all backgrounds.  As a result, although entry is competitive, any parent who would like their son to come to the RGS or RGS Prep should not be deterred from applying for financial reasons as bursary funding is offered to successful applicants on a means-tested basis.

Bursaries are available for those boys applying to join the RGS at age 11 and 13 and those applying to join from Year 3 at RGS Prep.