Class of 2024

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of a true education.”

Martin Luther King Jr



Do you believe in the life-changing power of an RGS education?  We were founded over 500 years ago as a ‘free schole’ and today we still aim to educate the brightest local boys irrespective of their ability to pay. This is fundamental to who we are as a school and we are proud of all the achievements of our Bursary students, which are only possible because of your continued support.

As the Class of 2024 prepares for the next chapter in their story, we invite parents who believe in an RGS education to form a Class of 2024 Bursary impact group. The role of this group would be to rally, encourage, and advocate – no fundraising required.

If you are part of a parents’ group of friends whether that be through sport, co-curricular activities, the PA or socially, we would welcome your help to promote the Bursary Programme amongst the parents of the Class of 2024.

With your support, we aim to sign up the entire Class of 2024 for £7 per month for 7 years, making a significant impact on a deserving student’s RGS education. At a cost of two coffees a month we think this is an achievable goal.

As parents with firsthand RGS experience, you can make a real difference, and we will give you our full support and guidance.

Interested in becoming a Parent Champion for the Class of 2024? You can sign up here.

Your contribution, big or small, helps open doors for future RGS boys.


Spring Open Mornings

Join us at one of our Spring Open Mornings to learn about an independent primary education, hear from the Head and tour our facilities.

Wednesday 6 March
Wednesday 8 May