Local Educational Partnerships

Primary School Enrichment

The Tudor Project

Over the course of two terms, the Tudor Project invites 600 Year 4 or 5 pupils from eight local schools who are studying the Tudors to spend a day at the RGS in immersive activities for Tudor history, music, art and weapons and concludes with pupils making a movie of their day.

The RGS String Scheme

Supported by our generous sponsors (The Investec International Music Festival,  the Community Foundation for SurreySouthern Pro Musica and the Mila Charity) the RGS String Scheme teaches every pupil in Year 5 at selected local primary schools to play the violin or cello for a year.

In addition we run a weekly string orchestra, ‘Strictly Strings’, for those who continue to play and arranges concerts in which all Strings Scheme participants perform. This scheme currently reaches more than 250 pupils each week and more can be read about this nationally recognised scheme in the Schools Together Group ‘All together now’ publication.


Every November the RGS opens its doors to over 120 Year 6 pupils from over 35 different primary schools for four consecutive Saturday morning Masterclasses in six strands: Science, Technology, Maths, Modern Foreign Languages (Chinese, Russian, Japanese and German), Creative Arts (Drama, Art, Music, creative writing), and Humanities (Geography, History, Politics and Philosophy).

As well as being inspiring, educational and fun, the Masterclasses also help the children involved to develop confidence in an unfamiliar situation and to look forward to their transition to secondary school.

Local Educational Partnerships

The RGS is an associate member of the Guildford Educational Partnership (GEP) engaging with both primary and secondary schools in the Trust providing regular teaching and collaboration. As part of this, The Enquiring Teachers’ Programme is a professional development programme which enables staff at any of our schools to undertake a year-long research enquiry with coaching provided by Enquiring Schools leading to publication and sharing of research findings.

Teachers from RGS, Epsom College, City of London Freemen’s and schools within the Guildford Education Partnership have presented research which was carried out under the Enquiring Teachers’ Programme. Sharing of good practice is central to a successful school and our involvement in this programme is a testament to the quality of teaching and learning going on at the RGS.

The RGS is currently the only independent school to be a part of the Guildford 11-19 Partnership – a group including all maintained sector schools in the area plus Guildford College and the University of Surrey. This group cooperates to ensure that the most vulnerable pupils receive appropriate education, provide cross Guildford networks for staff and also promote joint educational experiences such as the IMAG programme.