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RGS Prep is well known as a centre of academic excellence – and rightfully so. But this only paints part of the picture. Success is not something that can be measured purely by exam grades. True success is multi-faceted –  you see it in a person’s values, their interests, their inner confidence, the way they treat others. We know that learning often manifests outside the traditional classroom; we encourage our boys to take advantage of a wide array of extracurricular activities, as well as the expertise offered in our excellent music, sport, art and drama departments. At RGS Prep, we strive to create an inclusive, supportive environment that nurtures each boy’s unique interests.

Mr Toby Freeman-Day, Head

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RGS Prep remains both deeply connected to its rich history and focused on the future. This is a school where we celebrate traditional, academic rigour, while also embracing innovation, modern technology, and forward thinking. I’m delighted to be leading the school into its next chapter, and hope to welcome you through our doors soon.

RGS Prep’s academic reputation is justly well known but what sets us apart is our warm and purposeful atmosphere. We offer our pupils a happy, well-ordered and stimulating environment where they can progress to their fullest potential. An excellent all-round education based on skilled teaching in small classes is at the heart of our approach to learning which strives to provide the widest possible range of experiences.

We believe that boys who are happy and confident in their surroundings are able to learn more effectively. It is the excellent individual attention that our dedicated and committed staff give each boy which offers him the knowledge that he is understood, cared for and valued and that his unique academic and pastoral needs will be met throughout his time with us. We guide each boy on his journey and give him the skills and understanding of how to learn not just what to learn.

Visitors to RGS Prep are struck not only by the cheerful, purposeful atmosphere of the school but also by the diversity of its activities. We also aim to develop those qualities that cannot be measured by academic assessment. In particular our excellent music, sport, art and drama departments encourage every boy to explore and develop their interests. The development of each boy’s interpersonal skills, team spirit, strong self-awareness and leadership potential is achieved through a broad range of extra- curricular activities which also foster curiosity, creativity and individuality.

The preparatory years are not only vital as a preparation for further education but also as a foundation for later life. Teaching our boys academic rigour and encouraging them to have diverse interests, combined with traditional manners, allows them to grow into confident, caring and successful young men. We believe that our confident and able pupils are equipped not only to make the most of their senior school years but also to become responsible and caring adults with happy memories of their early school days.

It is the warmth of the RGS Prep community and the enthusiasm of the staff and boys that gives it its unique character. You can sense the fun, vibrancy and passion for learning around every corner.

Mr Toby Freeman-Day, Head

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Open Events

Our next Open Events take place as follows:

RGS Prep: Open Morning Wednesday 8 May for those considering RGS Prep for September 2024 or 2025.

RGS Senior: Small Group Tours in the Trinity Term for those currently in Year 5.


Our October Open Days will open for bookings later in the Trinity Term.
Register your details for Prep or Senior here and we will email you as soon as the dates are available to book.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.