Prep Admissions

We’re delighted that you are considering RGS Prep for your son. We look forward to welcoming you through our hallways, with the excited buzz of lessons, enthusiastic boys in the hallways and music filling the air.

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We offer tours throughout the year alongside our Open Mornings in October, March and May.

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Our Prep Admissions Process

1. Registration 

To register your son for entry to RGS Prep please complete the form here and pay the non-refundable registration fee of £100 (UK pupils) or £200 (students currently studying overseas). Our main entry points are Nursery, Reception (Shell) and Year 3. Please note any registrations submitted 2 weeks prior to the assessment dates (below) might not be included.

2. Assessment

Our main intake year groups are:

  • Nursery
    • joining the September after your son turns 3
  • Reception (Shell) 
    • joining the September after your son turns 4
  • Year 3 
    • joining the September after your son turns 7
  • Mid-year entry
    • We occasionally have space for mid-year entry or in other Year Groups.

To find our more please contact Mrs Hills at:

We aim to provide a happy, relaxed environment for prospective pupils. No special preparation is required. We identify boys whose academic and other abilities appear to match the ethos and standards of our schools.

For a September 2024 start, our next assessment dates are:

Nursery Stay & Play (30-45 minute assessment) Reception Stay & Play (45 minute – 1 hour assessment) Year 3 Assessment Morning
Saturday 20 January 2024

You will be allocated a session sometime between 9.00am and 2.00pm

Thursday 29 February 2024


Monday 11 March 2024


Saturday 18 January 2025

You will be allocated a session sometime between 9.00am and 2.00pm

Saturday 23 November 2024

For further assessment dates, please contact Admissions.

Saturday 9 November 2024

For further assessment dates, please contact Admissions.

3. Offers

Parents are notified of the outcome within 14 days. Those in receipt of offers will have an acceptance deadline, at which point a deposit will be required to secure the place.

4. What happens next?

If you are offered a place and have accepted, you will be invited to our New Boy’s Afternoon in July. This event allows our new joiners to meet one another, become acquainted with their teachers, familiar with the school layout and get a taste for life at RGS Prep.

Moving to Senior School

We strongly believe in recommending the right senior school for each individual. Throughout your son’s time here, we monitor their progress and discuss their interests and ambitions. With this information, recommendations are made for schools where we believe individuals will thrive. Historically, around 60% of pupils move on to the RGS Senior school but with over 30 schools to choose from, parental choice is certainly not limited.

Senior School Destinations

Schools  2023
RGS Guildford 35
Reed’s School 8
Churcher’s College  3
King Edward’s 3
St John’s  1
St Edmund’s  1
King’s College Wimbledon 1
Cranmore 1
Cranleigh 1
Christ’s College 1
Queen Elizabeth’s School 1
Seaford College 1
Aldro 1
St Peter’s Catholic School 1
King’s College School, Cascais 1
Tiffin 1
Hampton 1

Please note: This table only shows the destination schools for our 2023 leavers. Other popular school choices include Reigate Grammar, George Abbot School, Epsom College, Truro, Duke of Kent School, Charterhouse, Lord Wandsworth College, Kingston Grammar, Eggar’s and Reddam House.

Senior School Scholarships Awarded

Special Education Needs

The RGS adopts an inclusive policy and pupils with Special Educational Needs are offered the opportunity to join the School if they satisfy the School’s selection procedures.  Parents may be asked to contribute to any special resources.  Pupils with Special Educational Needs will have access to the whole school curriculum and be fully integrated into the School.  Exceptional circumstances, which may affect such access, will be dealt with on an individual basis in consultation with the Head of Learning Support, Head of Year, Deputy Heads, parents and the pupil.