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We are fully committed to our boys finding inspiration no matter what their talents are, or where their interests may lie.  Our co-curriculum unashamedly focuses on pushing boys outside their usual experiences, even outside their comfort zone, nurturing a positive can-do attitude.  Challenge with support means boys achieve more than they ever imagined: whether that is learning to cook a curry from scratch, or tackling a muddy assault course, or delivering a talk to their peers on a sensitive topical issue.  Just as our Learning Habits are interweaved into our curriculum, so they are firmly embedded in our co-curriculum.

Variety is celebrated with over 70 clubs and societies providing our boys with the space and the opportunity to write their own stories, to be truly individual without concern for stereotype.  The importance assigned to this enrichment is recognised by the dedication of curricular time on Monday afternoons and our five Field Days throughout the year, as well as the provision of regular local and overseas trips.  From sceptics to debaters, from chess aficionados to budding entrepreneurs, from the Combined Cadet Force to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, there is truly something for everyone.  If there isn’t, then our students start up a new society.  Clubs are predominantly run by students for students, with staff input and oversight.

Ultimately, as in all aspects of RGS life, our co-curricular provision is about our boys having fun, trying something new, standing shoulder to shoulder with their friends, testing themselves as team members and leaders, and learning to appreciate their passions, limits and self.  Our co-curriculum is fundamental to our boys discovering who they are and developing as well-rounded, balanced individuals. With the spark kindled, we hope that their passions will stay with them throughout their lives.

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