Class of …

In 2017, the School launched a new initiative for families motivated by education and the principles of widening access. We ask families of the U6 leaving year to consider creating a bursary for a bright local boy unable to take up his place, due to financial circumstances. The ‘Class of …’ Bursary will commemorate the achievements of your sons in the most RGS way possible – working together to open the door to those less fortunate.

Since its founding over 500 years ago, the School has had a mission to offer the best education to the most talented local boys. That founding spirit continues in Dr Cox’s vision that any local boy, regardless of his means, will be able contribute to and get the most out of the RGS.

£7 for Seven

£7 for Seven is the starting point for a collective endeavour – families and friends working together for the benefit of bright local boys who otherwise would have no chance of taking up their RGS place.

£7 for Seven is a simple way for the families of each graduating Class year to hold open the door for another RGS boy, through the creation of a new bursary named for your class year.

£7 for Seven is simple: a gift of £7 a month for seven years.

In seven years’ time, we will ask the boys of that ‘Class of …’ to take over their family gifts to help another bright local boy.

Class of 2022

Become a Class champion

If you would like to become a Class champion and encourage your year group to step forward, please email our Development Director, Monica Popa at

The school aims to provide an excellent education for pupils by developing character and intellect
within an atmosphere which encourages scholarship for all and in which each individual is cared for
and valued equally.

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