Leave your Legacy

Remembering the RGS in your Will, opens doors and provides transformational opportunities to a new generation of RGS pupils. We invite all those who have given in this way to join the Beckingham Society, offering you the opportunity to take an active role in the life of the School. The annual Beckingham Society Luncheon with the Headmaster offers the chance for members to hear about the School’s progress and future plans.

If you would like to find out more about remembering the RGS in your will, contact Lucy Shires les@rgsg.co.uk, Office Manager or download further information attached at the bottom of this page.

A pledge form is also available to inform us of your intentions. This helps with our bursary planning.

The George & Agnes Pullen Bursary

Because of the generosity of George Pullen OG 1919 and his wife Agnes, and their decision to bequeath the School a gift of £1 million, we are delighted to announce the creation of the ‘George & Agnes Pullen Bursary Award’.


Supporting bright local boys with an outstanding education has always been central to the School’s philosophy. Over a century ago, George Pullen was one of those lucky bright local boys who was given a bursary to attend the RGS. When he left, George joined the Chartered Bank as a humble bank clerk who rose to Chairman in 1967. He always attributed his success in life to his education at the RGS.

Agnes was born in Scotland in 1922 before moving to London after the war. A former model, she worked as a buyer for Fenwick’s Department Store rising through the ranks to become Chief Buyer. In 1960, Agnes made the best decision she’s ever made (her own words) by marrying George. The couple spent much of their life overseas, especially in the Bank’s traditional area of operation, but also North America, the Middle East and Africa.

Their life together was one of excitement and travel, and balancing big business with diplomatic parties, and always supporting each other. Sadly, George died in 1994 and Agnes returned to the UK and settled in Eastbourne. Agnes continued George’s fondness for the RGS and became a loyal supporter of the Bursary Campaign, benefitting boys in the same way her husband had received financial support 100 years earlier.

We were all incredibly saddened by her death in 2021, and we were staggered to learn that she had left the School a million pounds. This incredible act of generosity will ensure the education of many bright local boys for years to come. And just like her husband, George Pullen, these boys will thrive because of an outstanding education.

Open Events

Our next Open Events take place as follows:

RGS Prep: Open Morning Wednesday 8 May for those considering RGS Prep for September 2024 or 2025.

RGS Senior: Small Group Tours in the Trinity Term for those currently in Year 5.


Our October Open Days will open for bookings later in the Trinity Term.
Register your details for Prep or Senior here and we will email you as soon as the dates are available to book.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.