RGS Prep Parents’ Association


The Lanesborough Parents’ Association has been in existence for decades and will, for the time being, continue to be known as the Lanesborough Parents’ Association (or LPA) post-merger with the RGS. Membership of the LPA is automatically extended to each parent of a child at RGS Prep and we welcome the involvement of all parents in the activities of the LPA.

The LPA has recently registered as a charity in order to be able to better support RGS Prep and its pupils. Our constitution is available here.

LPA Committee

The LPA committee runs the LPA, working with the support of the school and the parents for the benefit of RGS Prep and charities chosen by the boys. The current committee is comprised of:

Co-Chairs: Aarti Shah, Lousie Jayaswal

Co-Secretaries: Gemma Bownes and Victoria Scopes

Co-Treasurers: Bhawna Menghnani

We are always grateful for feedback and ideas and are contactable via Classlist.

LPA Events and fundraising

The LPA works closely with class representatives and parents who volunteer to organise a number of fun fundraising events throughout the school year:

  • The Christmas Fair is a favourite of the boys, teachers and parents! The Christmas Fair is run annually and gives the boys a chance to shop for presents for their family, friends and pets!  The money raised at this event is donated to a charity chosen by the boys.
  • The Easter Bazaar in the Lent Term and the Summer Fair in the Trinity Term are annual events in the school calendar. Both these events are fundraisers for the LPA which donates the funds to the school to be spent primarily on equipment for the boys or other ‘wish list’ items identified by the school.
  • The LPA also organises social events for parents, such as the New Parents Welcome Drinks in the Michaelmas Term and the Quiz Night in Lent Term. The LPA also holds a few other ad-hoc events.

There is also a possibility for parents to raise additional funds for the LPA by participating in their employer’s matched funding schemes. This is an arrangement which some employers put in place whereby the employer pledges to match a sum of money which an employee has either raised for or donated to LPA. Some companies will pledge time and resources instead of money, enabling their employees to support a cause during their working week or a tangible service may be offered, such as the opportunity to print posters, programmes etc. As a registered charity, the LPA can be a direct recipient of matched funding. If you have questions about matched funding and are interested in organising it with your employer, please reach out to LPA treasurers at rgsp-ptreasurer@rgsg.co.uk.

Volunteering for the LPA

If you would be interested in finding out more about being a class representative or volunteering in any way, then we would love to hear from you! The success of the LPA depends on the continued support of parents arranging and attending the events. Just volunteering to spend a morning helping in the uniform shop, taking a slot on a stall rota at the fair or bazaar or staying for half an hour to help clear up makes a huge difference. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at the addresses set out above.

Second-hand uniform

The RGS Prep Second-hand uniform shop is run by parent volunteers. An opportunity is provided for parents to buy, donate and sell second-hand uniform, sports shoes and equipment.  All funds raised from the sales of second-hand uniform significantly contributes towards building LPA funds, which are then used by the LPA to help make improvements to the school. We always need more stock. If you have uniform to sell please complete the form at RGS-Prep-Second-Hand-Uniform-Sales-Form.pdf (rgsg.co.uk) and print off RGS-Prep-Second-Hand-Uniform-Labels.pdf (rgsg.co.uk).

There are no planned dates for a second-hand sale. This is due to the rebranding of the school uniform so we currently hold no new uniform and all old-branded uniform can only be worn until Summer 2023.  If you need anything please complete the form at RGS-Prep-Second-Hand-Uniform-Sales-Form.pdf (rgsg.co.uk) and send to: rgsp-secondhanduniform@rgsg.co.uk.

For more information on Second Hand Uniform please see our RGS-Prep-Second-Hand-Uniform-FAQs.pdf (rgsg.co.uk).