About the RGSPA

Membership of the Association is automatically extended to all parents/guardians whilst their son is at the school.  Approximately 20 parents, supported by Mr Woodman, one of the Deputy Heads, sit on a committee to organise events.  Any parent is welcome to come and sit in on a committee meeting to see what we do.  New permanent members are always welcome; the only requirements being to attend the twice termly evening meetings and help with events such as Parents’ Evenings, and to adhere to the RGS values whilst representing the PA.

The RGSPA is always open to new ideas as to how the PA can serve the community better and welcomes all comments or questions.  All parents are invited to attend the various events and take a full and active involvement in the RGSPA.  Forthcoming events are highlighted below.  In addition, information will be available in the School Calendar, the weekly parental communication and via announcements and posts on Classlist.

The RGSPA senior committee members 2021-2022 are:

Chair: Ross Webster
Vice Chair: Tom Lingard
Treasurer: Rowena Wilson
Communications Secretary: Julia Lock
Committee Secretary: Lisa Correia
Second Hand Uniform and Goods: Jaqui Gander
Grants and Sponsorship: Nerina Wright

We can be contacted via the PA email or individually via Classlist message.

A broad overview of the RGSPA’s activities and objectives can be found in the documents here:

RGSPA Events

The RGSPA usually social events throughout the year.  Our annual events include:

  • The First Form and Third Form dinners welcoming new parents to the School Community in the Michaelmas Term
  • The November AGM at which the PA Officers are elected and which is followed by a social event
  • Supporting the RGS Christmas Fair
  • The New Year Quiz night
  • A whole school social event
  • A summer bowling evening with Guildford High School for Girls for First Form boys

In addition, the RGSPA organises other events on an ad hoc basis.

RGSPA Sponsorship and Grants

The sponsorship scheme of the RGSPA is open to all current RGS boys and covers an activity which take place while at school or in the year between RGS and further full-time education. The scheme encourages initiative in undertaking projects which will benefit both the boy and the community, in areas beyond the normal academic demands of school life. The level of support may be up to 25% of the total cost, with a maximum amount currently set at £500.

Full details of the scheme can be found in the Sponsorship Constitution. Boys wishing to apply should download and complete the Application Form; the form requires a countersignature by a member of the teaching staff who is prepared to support the application. Due to the numbers involved, school-organised trips are excluded.

Second Hand Uniform

The second-hand uniform and goods store (SHUGS) is run by parent volunteers. An opportunity is provided for parents to buy and sell second-hand uniform, sports shoes and equipment. Opening is at set times at the beginning of each term and half term and an annual sale is also held which is timed to benefit parents attending New Boys’ Reception Afternoon but is also open to current parents. All funds raised support the School.

We always need more stock.

Download labels for your items to sell here:

All new volunteers are always welcome, whether to help out regularly or just at the annual sale. To volunteer or for further information please contact RGS Parents Association.

Opening days follow a set pattern: Following the first day of every term and half-term, the store will open on the first Wednesday and Thursday, as well as the following Saturday and then Tuesday of the next week. Opening times are set for each day and cover a range to allow most the chance to attend.

Dates for SHUGs sales 2023/24

Please find below the list of forthcoming dates for SHUGS.  Sales will run just off North Court on the following dates:

Wednesday 28 June 2023 2.00 – 4.00pm
Monday 11 September 2023 8.30 – 9.30am
Saturday 16 September 2023 9.30 – 10.45am
Monday 6 November 2023 8.30 – 9.30am
Saturday 11 November 2023 9.30 – 10.45am
Monday 8 January 2024 8.30 – 9.30am
Saturday 13 January 2024 9.30 – 10.45am
Monday 19 February 2024 8.30 – 9.30am
Saturday 24 February 2024 9.30 – 10.45am
Monday 22 April 2024 8.30 – 9.30am
Saturday 27 April 2024 9.30 – 10.45am
Monday 3 June 2024 8.30 – 9.30am
Saturday 8 June 2024 9.30 – 10.45am


Please check Classlist for any changes.  Parents may have to queue due to limited space.

A list of items

We sell current school uniform, sports kit and equipment. A list of the items which you may find when you visit us is given below. You may email us before you visit to check whether we have the size that you require. Please note that we accept cash or cheques only.

Uniform RGS Sports Kit Equipment Other
RGS School Blazer

RGS Grey Jumper

Plain Blue Jumper

School Tie

RGS Rugby shirt

RGS Advantage Rugby Short

RGS PE Polo Shirt

RGS PE/Hockey Short

RGS Rain Jacket

RGS Stadium Pant

RGS Hoody

RGS Games Socks

RGS red/white Base layer

RGS Cricket Shirt

RGS Cricket Trousers

RGS Sleeveless Cricket Overshirt

RGS House Shirt

Hockey Sticks and Bags

Cricket Bats, Pads, Gloves and Helmets

Shin Pads

Scout uniform, waterproof (Plain black or blue) 

Which items can I sell?

We sell current school uniform, sports kit and equipment.  All items offered for sale must be clean, of good quality and have all sewn-on name labels removed. Items which are well-presented will always sell quicker and command higher prices.

Uniform RGS Sports Kits Equipment and Other Items
RGS Blazer RGS Rugby Shirt Hockey Sticks and Bags
Plain Blue & Grey Jumper RGS PE Polo Shirt Cricket Bats, Pads, Gloves and Helmets.
School Tie RGS  PE/Hockey Shorts Shin Pads
*Please note we are no longer accept trousers and white shirts for sale RGS Rain Jacket Scout Uniform
  RGS Stadium Pants (tracksuit pant) Waterproof (plain black or blue)
  RGS Red/White Baselayer * We are no longer accept shoes and any other sports equipment for sale except the items on the list above.
  *no baselayer short  
  RGS Cricket Shirt  
  RGS Cricket Trousers  
  RGS Sleeveless Cricket overshirt  
  RGS House Shirt  
  *Please note we will not accept non-RGS sportswear for sale.  

If you have submitted an item that is in poor condition or not listed above, we will put your item into a recycling bank without notify you.

How do I price items?

It is the seller’s responsibility to price the items for sale; we cannot do this for you. As a rough rule of thumb 40 – 50% of the original price is appropriate for an item which is in excellent condition, 25 – 30% for good condition and 10 – 15% for usable items.  Items that are keenly priced will always sell. Items that are in short supply will demand higher prices as will items that bear the school logo. We have a large supply of generic items (such as dark grey trousers and navy jumpers) so you should bear this in mind when you price these items. We have less demand for larger sizes so larger blazers, trousers and jumpers will also need to be priced more keenly to attract a sale.  Please only price in full pounds.

RGS Uniform Full Price List 2023-24 (Stevensons.co.uk)

Blazer £75 – £90 (long fit £95)
Grey Jumper £21.50 – £30.75
School Tie £9.50


RGS Sports Kit Full Price List 2023-24 (Tacklebag.co.uk)

RGS Rugby Shirt size 8 – 12 yrs £43; 14 yrs – 3XL £53
RGS Rugby Advantage Shorts size 8 – 12 yrs £22; 14 yrs – 3XL £26
RGS PE Polo Shirt size 8 – 12 yrs £34; 14 yrs – 3XL £44
RGS PE/Hockey Shorts size 8 – 12 yrs £26; 14 yrs – 3XL £31
RGS Rain Jacket size 10 – 12 yrs £38; 14 yrs – 3XL £48
RGS Stadium Pants (tracksuit trousers) size 8 – 12 yrs £30; 14 yrs – 3XL £39
RGS Hoodie size 10 – 12 yrs £34.50; 14 yrs – 3XL £42
RGS Baselayer Red/White size Junior £37; Adult XS – XL £37
RGS Athletics Vest size 10 -12 yrs £32; 14 yrs – 2XL £37
RGS Red Games Socks size 2-5 £8.50; 6-13 £9.50
RGS House Shirt  £23


Cricket Kit

RGS Cricket Shirt size 10 – 12 yrs £26; 14 yrs – 2XL £29
RGS Cricket Trousers size 10 – 12 yrs £ 24; 14 yrs – 2XL £28
RGS Sleeveless Cricket Overshirt size 10 – 12 yrs £32; 14 yrs – 2XL £37


How do I label items?

We only accept items that have been labelled using our label pro-forma and we respectfully request that you write clearly and provide all the required information. Please use a safety pin to attach completed labels to each item.

Seller’s Label Pro-forma

Where can I drop off items?

We welcome items for sale and boys will be able to drop off clothes on the dates just before each sale.  Details will be given via the Classlist app.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Commission on all sales is 25%. All our proceeds go to the RGSPA to be used for the benefit of the boys and the wider school community. We aim to reimburse sellers after each sale. When the payment is under £10, we make payment by cash and sellers will receive an email or message through Classlist to pick up the cash from school reception. It will be available for collection at reception for one week. If not collected within this time, it will be treated as a donation to SHUGS. You may ask your son to collect the cash on your behalf. Any payment over £10 will be made electronically and we will invite sellers to provide bank details for payment credit. Sellers will receive an email when a payment is to be made. Sellers are required to fill in all the information on the seller labels clearly and neatly. SHUGS can only contact sellers through the information provided on the label. If attempts to contact are unsuccessful, the monies will be treated as a donation to SHUGS. Any personal data relating to sellers gathered by SHUGS on the label will only be used to contact sellers for reimbursement purposes

What happens to items which do not sell?

We will try to sell your items for 12 months.  The label proforma asks you to state the month and year that you submit the items so that we can ensure that they are offered for sale for a full year.  Any items that remain unsold in our stock at the end of the year will automatically become SHUGS stock and if subsequently sold, the funds will be donated to the RGSPA.