Sixth Form Curriculum

The Sixth Form curriculum offers a robust set of traditional subjects which allow students, with the support of a talented and committed staff of subject specialists, to apply with confidence for the most competitive and highly regarded universities. The Sixth Form experience continues to adhere to the School’s educational philosophy while increasingly nurturing independence, resilience and innovation so that our students have the firm foundations, both conceptually and in terms of their skill set, to flourish at university and beyond in the work-place.

The RGS is a selective school and we are proud that all our students are able, gifted and talented in at least one area of educational endeavour.  Academic excellence is at the heart of our philosophy; we believe that the potential of all students is realised by nurturing a love of learning, by cultivating in each individual the School’s bespoke set of Learning Habits and by fostering a scholarly mindset; this includes:

  • being fiercely curious and intellectually inquisitive;
  • looking for opportunities beyond the curriculum and making connections between individual subjects;
  • encouraging creativity and a free-thinking approach which is willing to challenge conventional opinion;
  • providing opportunities for research and presentation skills;
  • mental resilience and flexibility to identify and offer creative solutions to challenges and not be daunted by initial failure and setback, rather seeing it as a constructive and necessary part of development;
  • being ambassadors of excellence;
  • engaging fully – and often independently – with the opportunities afforded;
  • being young men of integrity;
  • celebrating aspiration and achievement while always remaining humble;
  • enriching and benefiting others within the School and those in the community;
  • developing a lifelong love of learning and a lasting thirst for knowledge and self-improvement.

These qualities are not just reserved for academic scholars, but rather are a description of the culture at the RGS and what characterises the ethos of the School.  They are the qualities to which every student should aspire and, as such, regular opportunities are provided which are open to all students for enrichment, stretch and challenge as part of the scholarship programme.

Sixth Form Curriculum