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Assistance with Fees

A bursary at the RGS offers a life-changing experience, providing students with the knowledge, the values and the skills to flourish at school and beyond. With our exceptional pastoral care and mentoring schemes, and our culture of mutual support and respect, we are proud of our commitment to provide a secure and nurturing environment for boys from all walks of life. Our vision is to realise the talent of future generations by providing an excellent education to boys of all backgrounds as widely available as possible. As a result, although entry is competitive, any parent who would like their son to come to the RGS should not be deterred from applying for financial reasons as bursary funding is offered to successful applicants on a means-tested basis as well as on the basis of academic merit.

After the School’s foundation in 1509, King Edward VI ordered in 1552 that there was to be “one Grammar School in Guildford… for the education, institution and instruction of boys and youths in Grammar at all future times for ever to endure.”  The RGS is an unusual independent school in that for periods of its 500-year history the education offered has been fully inclusive, without financial implication. As part of the state-maintained system from 1945 – 79 all boys at the RGS received their education free of charge. To this day the School continues to be inclusive with currently 368 boys from state primary schools and boys who come from over 174 different schools in the local area. This results in a social and cultural diversity which enriches our community and offers unique opportunities as we strive to realise each individual’s potential.

Today, many of our boys receive means-tested financial assistance of whom nearly three-quarters were offered 50% fee support or more. The Headmaster’s long-term ambition is for full merit-based open access where every single student who earns his place, irrespective of his financial circumstances, can become an RGS student. Currently financial support ranges between 5% and 100% assistance. Families on very low incomes may also be assisted with the cost of lunches, travel, trips and various other financial aspects.

Bursaries are available for those boys applying to join the School at 11 and 13. There is no set number of bursary awards that may be made; the funds available will determine the number of awards granted. The value of bursaries is set by strict criteria and is based upon financial need; these are rigorously means tested and reviewed each year to take into account the continuing financial need of parents and the satisfactory overall performance, at the RGS, of the recipient. Applications for bursaries should be made when applying for a place at the School. All information is kept strictly confidential.

Bursary applications should be completed via an online link, which includes contact details for a dedicated helpdesk available to answer your questions and help you to complete the form.

For entrance bursaries, the link will be issued by the Admissions team to applicants indicating an interest or on request.  Applications for entrance bursaries must be fully completed by Wednesday November 30 2022.  Applications received or completed after this date cannot be considered.

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