RGS Senior (Ages 11-18)

Senior Admissions

We very much look forward to welcoming you to the RGS and in the meantime, please take a moment to look at the further information about our admissions process below.

Places very occasionally become available in year groups outside of the standard entry points. For enquiries about Senior places please email RGS-Admissions@rgsg.co.uk.

Please note: For any boys currently in Year 7 or 8 please ensure you contact Admissions on 01483 880 600 or by email at RGS-Admissions@rgsg.co.uk before registering your son.

The School does not accept boys into the Fifth Form (Year 11, 15+) or the Upper Sixth Form (Year 13).

Kind regards,

Mrs Kathryn Sweet
Head of Admissions (Registrar & Marketing)