The combination of genuine breadth and depth is at the heart of the School’s philosophy.  Our curriculum offers access to all the aesthetic, human and social, linguistic, mathematical, creative and literary, scientific and technological, physical and moral and spiritual areas of learning.  By studying a range of subjects, our boys are able to find their own voice, make informed option choices and forge a bespoke path which plays to their individual strengths and passions.

SubjectFirst FormThird Form
English4 Periods4 Periods
Mathematics4 Periods4 Periods
Integrated Science6 Periods
Biology2 Periods
Chemistry2 Periods
Physics2 Periods
Core Language (French/Spanish)3 Periods3 Periods
Option Pool A
Second Language.                            (French, Spanish, German or Greek)2½ Periods
Latin3 Periods2½ Periods
Geography3 Periods2½ Periods
History3 Periods2½ Periods
Religious Studies2 Periods2½ Periods
  Option Pool B
Art2 Periods2½ Periods
Design and Technology2 Periods2½ Periods
Music1 Period2½ Periods
Drama1 Period2½ Periods
Digital Learning1 Period
Computational Thinking1 Period
Tutor Period1 Period2 Periods
PE1 Period1 Period
Games3 Periods3 Periods
ExAd1 Period


All boys in the Third Form and above take part in the ExAd programme, an outdoor and expedition training programme which takes place in a single period each week.  The training covers a variety of practical skills and provide the opportunity to gain numerous accredited awards.  It will also cover the requirements of the expedition section of the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The Third Form curriculum introduces a degree of optionality, allowing students to begin to narrow their focus on fewer subjects.  Students choose 6 subjects from the two Options Pools, including a minimum of 3 subjects from Option Pool A and a minimum of 2 subjects from Option Pool B.

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