Telephone Campaign 2024

Join us on the Road to 2035

Thank you to everyone who supported us as part of the Telephone Campaign. This was a wonderful opportunity to connect with Old Guildfordians, parents, and the wider RGS community, and to give an update of all the recent events and developments taking place at the School.

Our callers spoke with over 500 members of our community and enjoyed hearing their stories and experiences from their time at here and since leaving the RGS.

This is our time to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all our supporters who have made a donation to the RGS Bursary Campaign.

For the time that you have given, for the expertise you have shared, for all your encouragement, thank you.

We are a unique community guided by a distinct ethos … to stay true to the aspirations of our founder, Robert Beckingham to create a ‘free schole’ in Guildford. A vision upheld by our Headmaster Dr Jon Cox; his aim is for ‘the RGS to achieve full merit-based open access within a generation. To be a school where every bright boy who earns his place can take it up, irrespective of his financial circumstances. It is a bold aspiration, and we are one of only a handful of this country’s independent schools to have set such a goal’.

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